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Connecting Through Creativitiy

At IJ Creative, we strive to build custom catered solutions that tell your story connecting the right audience to your brand

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At IJ Creative we strive to deliver the very best in our industry. Combining innovative techniques in art & technology, we provide a range of solutions applicable to build the modern enterprise.

We work with a range of industries across the globe from startups to global conglomerates to political campaigns to non-profits.


With a team of over 10 years of experience in Business, Design & IT, we guarantee a smooth experience.

We utilize state-of-the-art machinery, sophisticated technological tools and avant-garde design to provide services that reflect the depth of our expertise. Whether you need a simple logo or website or coming up with a sophisticated cutting-edge technological idea, we develop solutions that can deliver on any measures.

"Connecting Through Creativity" our company motto is more than just a statement. It stands as our continued commitment to building social impact as a fundamental part of our business model.

A core aspect of our work is creativity - an element that stems from our ability to self-express and communicate. It is the purest form of the human experience and can be used in building civic engagement to create social impact.

Using that philosophy, we invest heavily in social marketing building a relevant social cause into most of the projects that we develop.

Currently we are in the process of establishing a research and development wing. The purpose of which is to study how to develop more effective social marketing campaigns.

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